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Authorized Husqvarna Automower® Dealer

Specializing in Husqvarna Automower Sales, Service & Installation

Robot Mowers

We have been installing and servicing Husqvarna Automowers for nearly a decade and have used one at our own property for as many years.

Robot Mower Demonstration

We offer at home demonstrations and installation assessments in Oakland and Macomb Counties. We come to you to better understand your needs and our fit.

Why Go Robot With Your Mower?

Spend your time doing what you love, while Automower® does the work for you!

You just got done working, shouldn’t you be biking, hiking, boating or just relaxing on your patio and waving to your neighbors while they are mowing their lawns?

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Robot Mowers

Choosing The Right Robot Mower

Did You Know?

Automower®’s built-in safety features mean the blade will automatically stop if the mower is lifted up or turned over. Plus, Automower® stops and turns around when it encounters an obstacle.

A Word From OurCustomers

We are very happy with the service provided by Robotic Mower Sales. Last year, Dan installed the wiring for our Automower and walked us through every step of getting it setup and running. This year, he reached out with his new maintenance services and installed new blades and larger cleat wheels to prevent slippage near our curbs. His prices are reasonable and he goes above and beyond to provide excellent customer service. A great person to do business with!
Dan & Yvonne
Rochester Hills
Congratulations on your Husqvarna dealership! I would be interested to have you upgrade the communication board this spring if it qualifies. It’s an 450XH. Also, might be good to have you go through it before the season starts anyway. Let me know when I could take it to you. Thanks,
Larry S
Dan was able to guide me through the problem solving process for my auto-mower communication issue. He tested, changed and retested the mower until the only option left was to replace the whole mower, which he drove with the OEM. He always kept me in the loop on the process status.
Paulo M.